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Rachel Busse

Rachel is a second-year graduate student in English at the University of St. Thomas. She primarily studies modernist literature with a cultural and historical studies approach; Rachel is currently working on a project about Martha Gellhorn’s 1930s writings on war and economic injustice. She is riveted by the language that permeates our everyday lives: t-shirts, lawn signs, buttons on backpacks and jackets, and of course the words constantly scrolling across our many screens.  It was this interest which led to dreaming up this project. Rachel currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. She can be reached by email at rachelbusse@stthomas.edu

Kerry Kraemer

Kerry attends the Masters of Arts in English program at the University of St. Thomas. Her work focuses on feminist theory, Native American literature, and pop culture. Current research focuses on Native women in sports and Indigenous Futurisms. Kerry is a contributor to Beyond the Stage press where she writes music reviews. She can be reached by email at krae1965@stthomas.edu
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About the Project

This exhibit was funded by a generous grant from the University of St. Thomas and with the help of the Library of Congress, the New York Public Library, and Fales Library at NYU. You can read more about our process and project here.

This exhibit was complied by Rachel Busse and Kerry Kraemer.

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